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"this is so fucking stupid. In case they missed it, Jeff was READY for the next step already a YEAR AGO in Chaos Theory. So what they kissed not in the real timeline. They weren't DIFFERENT PEOPLE in alternate ones. Just different events occurred. But in each timeline Jeff's state of mind was the same: if the right circumstances align, I have no problem kissing Annie. Of course the outcome might have changed his mind (tho Annie talking about her dad in such moment was OOC), but he doesn't know it"

IKR? They were ready to jump each other everytime they had a moment alone in RTC (but once again the only time the writers had the guts to go there, it was in a different timeline…) and Annie was in his heart damn it!

See, what frustrates me is the lack of pay-off, they fact that the writers have been dancing around them forever but won’t go there. And yet, they’ve had no problem pairing Troy and Britta up even though they were basically a crackship in s1 and s2.

They’re going to acknowledge the tension between them but never act on it, after all those years that’s a little sad (for us and the characters who will end up wondering ‘what if?’)

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